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Tips to consider while purchasing a bath robe

A bath robe of high quality can become one’s favourite wardrobe item easily. It will help to wrap a person in warmth and luxury, helping them in starting their day on the perfect foot or finish it in the perfect mood. Bathrobes made of quality fabrics are likely to last long. 

Common materials used in making bath robes 

Of late bathrobes are available in different materials to meet the variegated preferences of the wearer. Below is a synopsis of the most widely used materials to help one select the best,

  • Terry/cotton- these are the first choice of most buyers because terry and cotton are fairly soft and highly absorbent thereby making it a practical choice 
  • Waffle weaved cotton- bathrobes made of these materials offers a nice feel and are highly absorbent too. Waffle weaved cotton bathrobes usually comes in diamond and checkered pattern. These are largely used in hotel industries and also in the spa. These are 100% cotton, are reasonably priced, are light weight and thus apt for cool to moderate climates 
  • Silk/satin- robes made of silk or satin are incredibly luxurious yet not so much absorbent. Although these robes are quite comfortable yet are not chosen owing to their inability to absorb moisture 
  • Velour- this is a luxurious pick and people will find velour bath robes in poly or cotton and are a right choice for those who desire a softer feel
  • Cashmere- nothing can beat the feel and comfort of cashmere. Cashmere bathrobes will offer warmth which is snug and comforting. These are lightweight yet also possess insulating properties and should be dry-cleaned
  • Chenille- these have been popular always but following the launch of the micro-chenille fabric it has become even more popular. These are lightweight. Low end and high end chenille looks similar so people should feel the fabric prior to buying 
  • Microfiber- thanks to technology, microfiber is finer than hair or silk. Besides these are breathable and very lightweight. These can also be brushed into suede which is highly luxurious. Bathrobes made of microfiber are apt for every occasion and season and is highly absorbent too

Available in unisex options too 

For those who prefer to purchase  sexy robes in unisex sizing should make sure that it is of the length they desire. A unisex sized bath robe will certainly fit perfectly but generally these are cut for those having average height. Therefore it is crucial in checking the unisex bathrobe’s length prior to purchasing it. For the female gender the good news is they can get it in the length they like. Bathrobes for men generally do not possess length choices while women’s bathrobes come in sizes ranging from mid-thigh up to the ankles.

Size is important while buying a  gown or a bathrobe. For those who wear their robe as an accessory around the home for total relaxation should get the right size. A robe is meant for fitting the wearer and be customized as their needs. So choose wisely for that pampered feel. 

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