Hottest Plus Size Lingerie Trends

Most women who are overweight and heavy find it difficult in picturing herself in something sexy as lingerie. But there is good news for heavy and voluptuous women. Considering the size of these women and their desire to dress fashionably the latest lingerie manufacturers have introduced a palette of plus size lingerie collection that is simply hot and steamy. So all you full figured females you too can now feel sexy and confident with your size of lingerie pieces. You can now accentuate your curves with the different lingerie styles available in the market. The need to be slim and trim in order to look sexy or to make your better half-wild is no longer the funda. These plus size lingerie are available both on retail shops and online stores alike. So shop as you please as there is a piece for every taste. You can try something simple, but sensual especially for a very romantic evening or something risky for a wild night or even get adventurous and wild. No matter your shape or size you can now feel confident and sexy by the lingerie type you put on. 

Chemises and bustier are popular picks when it comes to plus size lingerie. These are available in sensual and luxurious fabrics and a wide range of exciting colors. Nightgowns and pajamas are another excellent choice. It will offer coverage to your skin, particularly where you do not seem confident and at the same time allow you to feel sexy and erotic thereby building your confidence level in such areas. The different types of pajamas and nightgowns include sexy and sultry wild types to simple and elegant types. You can pick lingerie pieces having a wild cut as this will make you feel highly erotic and also help you show more skin. Try these with elaborated decorations, bows, and laces. For those who are the conservative type can try something simple and elegant. 

There are multiple exotic pieces available in the market these days, which you can complement with your lingerie piece such as lace or silky robes and slips to go beneath your dress clothes. Sexy short sets is not a bad choice either. First, decide how much skin you are all set to reveal and then make the choice. In fact, you should be naughty at times. The list of plus size lingerie also includes teddies, g-strings, garter belts ,  new trending styles of party dress and baby doll outfits. Although the plus-size pieces maybe a little more expensive than the normal size owing to the little bit extra material used but it is worth the cost. Be it your wedding anniversary, Halloween, honeymoon or a holiday you just need an excuse for spicing up the bedroom isn’t it? And when that sexy feeling comes from within you will realize how your self-esteem increases and you begin holding yourself differently. The last and the most important thing for the ultimate fit check your measurement prior to purchasing a plus size lingerie of your choice. All the best!!!

Tips to consider while purchasing a bath robe

A bath robe of high quality can become one’s favourite wardrobe item easily. It will help to wrap a person in warmth and luxury, helping them in starting their day on the perfect foot or finish it in the perfect mood. Bathrobes made of quality fabrics are likely to last long. 

Common materials used in making bath robes 

Of late bathrobes are available in different materials to meet the variegated preferences of the wearer. Below is a synopsis of the most widely used materials to help one select the best,

  • Terry/cotton- these are the first choice of most buyers because terry and cotton are fairly soft and highly absorbent thereby making it a practical choice 
  • Waffle weaved cotton- bathrobes made of these materials offers a nice feel and are highly absorbent too. Waffle weaved cotton bathrobes usually comes in diamond and checkered pattern. These are largely used in hotel industries and also in the spa. These are 100% cotton, are reasonably priced, are light weight and thus apt for cool to moderate climates 
  • Silk/satin- robes made of silk or satin are incredibly luxurious yet not so much absorbent. Although these robes are quite comfortable yet are not chosen owing to their inability to absorb moisture 
  • Velour- this is a luxurious pick and people will find velour bath robes in poly or cotton and are a right choice for those who desire a softer feel
  • Cashmere- nothing can beat the feel and comfort of cashmere. Cashmere bathrobes will offer warmth which is snug and comforting. These are lightweight yet also possess insulating properties and should be dry-cleaned
  • Chenille- these have been popular always but following the launch of the micro-chenille fabric it has become even more popular. These are lightweight. Low end and high end chenille looks similar so people should feel the fabric prior to buying 
  • Microfiber- thanks to technology, microfiber is finer than hair or silk. Besides these are breathable and very lightweight. These can also be brushed into suede which is highly luxurious. Bathrobes made of microfiber are apt for every occasion and season and is highly absorbent too

Available in unisex options too 

For those who prefer to purchase  sexy robes in unisex sizing should make sure that it is of the length they desire. A unisex sized bath robe will certainly fit perfectly but generally these are cut for those having average height. Therefore it is crucial in checking the unisex bathrobe’s length prior to purchasing it. For the female gender the good news is they can get it in the length they like. Bathrobes for men generally do not possess length choices while women’s bathrobes come in sizes ranging from mid-thigh up to the ankles.

Size is important while buying a  gown or a bathrobe. For those who wear their robe as an accessory around the home for total relaxation should get the right size. A robe is meant for fitting the wearer and be customized as their needs. So choose wisely for that pampered feel. 

Essential Dresses come July 1st

Due to the endless options and flexibility, dresses provide the optimal outfit to fill your summer season closet. There are actually countless useful dress designs to pick from which are acceptable for use at practically all hours. Dresses are great to accessorise with for that evening out on the town,  or can definitely be worn for relaxation during the day for that complete freedom and flexibility. Listed here are a sample of the dress styles that should be showing up in your wardrobe come early July.

The Floor-Length Dress

Dresses that more or less touch the floor surface can be stunning, notably for taller young women. A maxi dress that falls elegantly all the way down is most effective when designed in a strong, colour and combined with a striking set of earrings. This look of maxi complements high heels or flatter shoe and look best when paired with ‘a sophisticated’ make up. If you want Prom Dresses, discover the stunning range of maxi dresses at AX Paris.

Bodycon Dresses

Observed quite a bit on those in the media limelight, the attraction of this Bodycon carries on, apparent through the amount purchased in department stores all over the nation. Remaining on the fashion radar, the Bodycon dress is a naughty, flirtatious selection for ladies who would like to flaunt it, as the body-hugging design simply leaves nothing to the imagination. Slide on a pair of high heeled shoes for a instantaneous glitzy night out on the town improvement, or join with flatter shoes for the perfect daytime comfort level.

The Party Dress

While you probably don’t wish to wear one for a day on the beach front, the party dress shines on those incredibly hot summer nights. A chic party dress is actually the answer to your steamy summer night requirements and will definitely turn heads wherever you go, whether it’s a short or a long design. Teamed up with your preferred shoes,  an attractive bag and some lightweight accessories and you’re ready to party!

The Shift Dress

Bosomy, rounded young ladies will love the way they look in a shift. This form of dress is available on the market in a huge array of materials, patterns and tones, meaning you can go with vivid, summertime designs that you love. The versatility of the shift dress means it’s acceptable for casual regular activities, and can be conveniently dressed up as evening-attire with the thoughtful selection of the designer shoes and jewellery.

Mini Dresses

Plan to display the lovely suntan on your legs? Then the mini dress stands out as the best possible dress in your case. Wonderful for a night out with your friends, or strutting your stuff at an exclusive function, the smaller dress in the shape of a mini can have you feeling gorgeous and flirty in equal measure. Mini’s are a good choice for small women who would like to render the effect of having much longer legs. Taller ladies should never need to steer clear of the mini dress, as it provides a fantastic opportunity to show off those attractive lengthy legs. Short girls have the option to combine the mini with high heels for a bit more increased height or shoes with a smaller heel for the taller girl.

Senior High School Senior Shirt’s: Suggestions

With senior session upon us, I assumed I would certainly put in the time to allow the Seniors know points they must bring and also think about for their picture session. Initially, I’ll cover the women as they often tend to care a bit a lot more concerning just how their pictures end up. I do not understand the number of times I’ve listened to a child state “I’m just below trigger mother made me come”. I’ve never ever as soon as listen to that from an elderly lady.


Clothes – First as well as primary, you can never ever bring a lot of modifications to garments. You might not reach use them all, yet much more alternatives are constantly much better than fewer choices. I constantly inform my customers to bring 1 official (assume senior prom outfit or evening dress), 4-6 laid-back clothing, and also 2-3 “heading out” attire (this is what you would certainly be to a dancing club). Attempt to stay clear of patterns, plaids, huge print (other than institution associated products), and also straight red stripes (upright red stripes are thinning as long as they are not as well ridiculous). Brilliant, strong shades generally picture extremely well. Attempt to bring clothing for the period you are being photographed in, see more senior shirts to get various information.


Hair – Avoid obtaining a brand-new hairstyle the day in the past. If you intend to attempt a brand-new hairstyle, do it 1 week ahead of time so you can identify if you like it as well as just how to repair it. Bring any kind of things that will rapidly enable you to alter your hairdo.

Nails- prevent obtaining your nails done right prior to the senior shirts session, normally you ought to do this the day in the past. Nails and also fingers will certainly reveal so see to it you think of them while preparing. Tidy effectively brushed nails will certainly make a large distinction in your pictures. All this relates to nails too.


This week, we show you west London’s vintage hotspots. Enjoy…

    Portobello Market has earned an international reputation…this market is vast! But please be warned, if decide to take your girl, for God sake, take a Red Bull. It’s a little like the last hour of work, it never seems to end as the roads go on and on and on! The best advice we can give would be to take a peek by yourself, that way you’ll have a lot more time to try out all your bits and pieces without having to provide your other half with repeat opinions on why she looks good in that vintage dress.

Many of the vintage stall dealers are only present on specific days so you’ll just have to go more than once to really experience everything it has to offer. You can find pretty much everything here from full three-piece suits to vintage military trench coats. All the usual bits are here too like second-hand shirts and scarves.Yet Portobello’s greatest assets lies in its wealth of vintage jewellery stands, stocking everything from watches to broaches, tie clips to rings. They’re all clearly displayed on open table tops, so take your time and find that real exclusive bit of bling.

    This store’s design gives you the impression that it’s a junk shop. Fear not, as the owner doesn’t stock as much junk as my mother. In actual fact, rather than junk I’d say she stocks gems. The men’s section has a ‘pre-war’ gentleman’s outfitter feel.
    Littered with striped blazers, collarless shirts, demob suits, braces, cravats and military regalia, make sure you get here reasonably early as the store only opens on Fridays and Saturdays. During the summer months it can get extremely packed very quickly, so you have been warned.
  2. 295
    This store is situated in on Portobello Road and it’s certainly a store with character with its wooden floor and parachute-draped ceiling. The menswear collection features a good selection of shirts, from plain striped variations to the more erratic styles such as the classic Hawaiian.Cuff links and hats fall under £10, which is a neat little price, and you can even snap up some Harris Tweed jackets for around £15. The selection mainly follows that of the 1960’s gentleman.
  3. OLD HAT
    This place is an essential for guys. Boasting two jammed packed-rooms exclusively for men, Old Hat stocks a wealth of ‘one -time essentials’ such as toppers, riding boots and caps.It’s extremely popular with local Fulham men. There’s a nice line of hefty overcoats, blazers and formal wear but the pick of the bunch would be their velvet suits as they are great as unique, statement pieces. Pair one of those with some Oliver Peoples glasses and you’ll look the bomb!

5. TNT
As every vintage shop should be aspire to be, half the stock in TNT is menswear, from flares to velvet jackets and sensible shoes. TNT claims to have sold Kylie her famous ‘hot pants’, not that you’d need to know or even be interested in that.

Finding the Perfect Stubby Coolers is a Big Deal Now

Return to the supermarket with your beer, which was not very fresh at the time of purchase and, moreover, had to be transported to the house under the sun. Arrive in the kitchen and do not think of anything but the ice-cream glass of beer with droplets on the glass and you realize two things: the first is that you have never had so much thirst; the second is that that glass of cold beer is a utopia, because your beer, alas, is hot.

Hot beer is one of the most annoying things that exist, because unfortunately even the taste of the drink is altered: the beer is always drunk nice fresh, simply because it is better! With the smart usage of the Custom Stubby Coolers the effects get better now.


If you think then that there is no other remedy that waits 30-40 minutes for your beer to cool in the freezer you are wrong.

Here are 3 simple tricks to cool the beer in minutes!

  1. How to cool the beer in a few minutes: napkin and freezer

To cool your beer quickly wraps it with a wet paper towel and put it wrapped in the freezer.

Take it off after just 10 minutes and enjoy your moment … the beer has cooled down quickly!

2 . How to cool the beer in a few minutes: compressed air

A slightly more extreme, but definitely more effective method is to use a can of compressed air, spraying at a safe distance on your beer bottle. In just 2 minutes you will have the bottle of frozen beer!

  1. How to cool the beer in a few minutes: ice and salt

Put water and ice in a large enough trays to hold the whole bottle, then add some coarse salt. Salt lowers the freezing point of the water, so the ice melts immediately and the water becomes incredibly cold. At this point insert the bottle: after 2 minutes it will be cold and ready to be uncorked.

Now that you have learned different methods to cool the beer quickly, you just have to invite some friends home and offer a tasty aperitif, or test your fresh beer with some recipe that seems designed to accompany the most popular drink:


Your Choices for the Smart Shopping Options Now

Most often, we go shopping after a day’s work or on weekends in between planned personal matters. This means that for purchases we either have too little time and opportunity to think everything over, or the feeling of fatigue does not allow us to look soberly at the store shelves. We tried to collect a number of tips, adhering to which you can not only save, but also avoid unnecessary purchases.

We buy only in the list

Gone Shopping in a supermarket? Think in advance everything you want to buy. It does not matter if it’s a long list for a week or a small one for a couple of days, but it definitely has to be. Today there is no need to get a notebook in the store, there are convenient programs for smartphones or tablets, which are very easy to use. Moreover, you can once make a list of necessary products and household chemicals, then only adding additional items to it. If you go for food without a list, then the probability of buying something superfluous increases greatly. In addition, in the turmoil, you run the risk of forgetting everything you really needed. morans

We go for shopping without feeling hungry

Going for food is important to be full. This rule will protect your wallet against unintended waste. The human body is so arranged that in a hungry state it always seems that you need to put a lot more into the plate than you really need. The same thing happens in the store. A hungry buyer puts many more products into his cart, half of which are sent to the trash bin at the end of the week.

We are looking at the supermarket scheme

If you are shopping in an unfamiliar store, it will be superfluous when you enter to look at his scheme or read the signs of departments in the hall to understand how to adjust the path with the cart. First, it will protect you from unnecessary movement inside the store. Secondly, in the process of wandering around the departments you will not automatically add bright, but unnecessary products to the cart.

Choose the right cart

If your shopping list is not very large, then choose a basket or the smallest cart. A couple of packages of vegetables and a loaf of bread will look very lonely in a large cart, and you will definitely put goods in it that you did not want to buy. Take a large cart for products only when you are really going to buy a lot of goods.

We are not afraid of unfamiliar brands

Habit is second nature, but if you need to save, some of them should be abandoned. If you always take in a supermarket yogurt of the same brand, then try something different, new. So you not only can save considerably, but also introduce new tastes into your diet.



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